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Enough prospects but not enough sales

Many sellers are very busy with prospects, but hardly get in touch with executives at C level, the people on the customer side who decide on large purchases. Executives do expect their sales professionals to take these decision makers at the…

Consult with sales professional about their performance

Realize goals with underperformers

Sales success is measurable and also fails. So it is usually very clear which employees are doing well and who is not achieving the goals. If sales people underperform over a longer period, dismissal and replacement seem the best solution. But ...

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More people, more sales? Think about the pitfalls

Many companies have growth as their objective and sales must make an important contribution to this. Expanding the team is a logical step to realize more sales, but with only extra people there is little chance of success. ...

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Digital developments are forcing sales to change

The role of the seller has been constantly in transition since the rise of the internet. The digital developments started with websites as more or less static brochures, while the dynamics of digitization now requires constant adjustment. The ...