Brand New Sales Career Service

We apply for you!

You are a sales talent, have a passion for the sales profession and you want to get the most out of yourself. In your current job you are good and you have even been able to make some nice steps. Yet you notice that your development has leveled off or is getting worse. You feel that you have to change and maybe look around at other sales jobs or go into the offers that you receive via LinkedIn.

It is time for a career switch, but what exactly and how do you approach this smartly? The idea of ​​change makes you restless. You are in a certain 'comfort zone' and applying is not your favorite activity.

What if you can outsource all the problems surrounding applying for jobs to a specialist who has been active in the sales profession for over 12 years. Who knows the market well and can therefore sketch a very realistic (customized) picture of an optimal career in sales. Who gets you at the table with employers who really fit your wishes, requirements and ambition.

This is exactly what the Brand New Sales Career Service can offer you. We apply for you!

We are looking for the best employers that suit you and apply on your behalf!

How does it work?

In order to be able to get started for you in a targeted way, we first want to know everything about you. That is why we go to the heart of it in a personal conversation. After a thorough inventory of your knowledge, expertise, wishes, requirements, ambition and personality (DISC analysis), we determine together with you which type of sales roles, organizations and culture suit you best. We first discuss the companies that we then shortlist with you and only then will we introduce you.

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What's in it for you?

  • We ensure that you make a real career move and not a sideways step
  • It saves you a huge amount of time
  • Brand New Sales does the introduction, you only have to blaze during the job interviews
  • 100% discretion is guaranteed. It is completely anonymous, nobody will know that you are applying
  • You are completely unburdened, all conversations are coordinated by us
  • A permanent contact within Brand New Sales. Think of it as a dedicated coach that ensures that you perform optimally during the processes
  • The employer with whom you enter into an employment contract pays for the Career Service. This is completely free for you
  • During the first contact with potential employers, we will make an inventory of whether the organization really suits you

Who are you?

You will understand that we can not work with everyone. To qualify for this Career Service, we make the following demands.

  • You are a passionate and driven sales talent with a proven track record
  • You want to learn and are also willing to change
  • Giving good references is not a problem for you
  • You are not a jobhopper
  • You have a completed HBO diploma
  • Maximum 7 year full-time b2b sales work experience
  • Living in the Amsterdam - Utrecht line
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