Recruiting the right sales professional is pretty difficult

the facts and figures

Hiring a new salesperson is difficult. You don't just want to offer someone the job because the candidate has sales experience - you want the best salesperson who can produce great results and increase the sales and profitability of the organization.

Unfortunately, talented salespeople are scarce and hiring managers are often fooled during job interviews, because 88% is not honest about their sales presentations.

There are many pitfalls when recruiting and selecting sales people. This is that we know ...

What 13 year Sales Recruitment experience has taught us

Less than 10% A-players in sales are found on job boards

65% the vendors do not get his annual target

38% of the sellers, a higher salary is a decisive reason to switch

It costs the organization 6x the salary of the sales person if it turns out to be a mis-hire

Companies increase profitability with 30% when they choose A-players

88% of all sales professionals admits to lying about their sales presentations

Total market of Sales Professionals

presenting above average ...

to present exceptionally well ...

have the right skills ...

with the right experience ...

and the right Sales DNA ...

and is willing to make a step ...

Sales professional in suit at the office

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