Job Marketing

Brand New Sales specializes in job marketing for sales talents. Our online marketers and campaign managers know exactly how to bring your company to the attention of the right target group.

Job Marketing

the entire internet as a recruitment channel

Developments in the labor market and new technological possibilities offer good opportunities for organizations to distinguish themselves in an innovative way. Take social media, which is used by more than 10 million Dutch people every day and is a perfect channel to reach your target group. Our Job Marketing experts cleverly respond to the needs and interests of a pre-specified target group and user for multiple digital channels.

How we then entice this target group to look at the message is not done with a flat job advertisement, but with an authentic story. Your story!


Job boards are perfect for reaching the actively seeking candidate and are the basis of any good recruitment campaign.

Social Advertising

More than 10 million Dutch people use social media every day. This makes it perfect to reach your target group.

Display advertising

Display advertising is ideal to easily reach your entire target group through (job) banners.

Affiliate marketing

Display advertising is ideal to easily reach your entire target group through (job) banners.

The power of Job Marketing

  • Sales talents get better insight into the company and the job in less time than from job vacancies and work-by-videos.
  • Involvement is measured in all phases of the process and this makes recruitment campaigns more effective.
  • This recruitment method fits perfectly with the Millennial and Generation Z target group.
  • Candidate registrations remain available the following months.

Faster and better results

With concrete information and a clear picture of what the vacancy entails in daily practice, the awareness of sales talents is stimulated. That triggers those candidates who identify with the story. The positive effects are more and better suited applicants, fewer time-consuming interviews, shorter recruitment processes and a higher fulfillment ratio.

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