Cooperation E-wise and Brand New Sales


In 20 years E-WISE has built up a leading position as an online publisher and after-school in the medical sector. E-WISE has gained a lot of experience in developing e-learning courses for in-service training and continuing education for demanding professionals. In 2017 E-WISE has entered a new market: online training for teachers in primary and secondary education.

Recruitment assignment

The strategy of E-WISE is to create a 'whirlwind', grab market share before the competitors 'wake up'. Via a direct sales model with the best sales professionals, the proposition must be brought to the forefront at an administrative level. The assignment: find the best sales professionals with network at the administrative level in PO and VO. Find a clear case of a spelled in a haystack.

The goal was to have the sales team in strength in Q1 2018. The basic setup had to consist of 6 Account Managers and a Sales Manager.


Brand New Sales has so far supplied 2 Account Managers and 1 Sales Manager. With this we have made a significant contribution to the target.

  • Who: E-wise Training for teachers
  • Period: 2017/2018
  • Sector: Professional training
  • Number of employees: 35
  • Website: