Collaboration Ecosystems Europe and Brand New Sales


Ecosystems Europe BV specializes in industrial gas cleaning. They design, construct and install state-of-the-art systems based on proven technologies that ensure a better environment and clean air. For many emission problems, they have put forward solutions together with the customer that result in a reduction of air pollution, compliance with emission standards and elimination of nuisance.

Recruitment assignment

Ecosystems Europe is growing at an average of 20% per year and they were looking for an expansion in the sales team not to lose sight of existing customers. The assignment was to look for an experienced Technical Sales Engineer with HBO work and thinking level and several years of commercial work experience.


The chemical gas cleaning sector was an unknown area for Brand New Sales. By carrying out a thorough inventory of the organization, the market and the profile, we were able, in close cooperation with the client, to introduce 3 candidates from whom 1 was hired. We filled the vacancy in 5 weeks.

  • Who: Ecosystems Europe
  • Period: 2018
  • Sector: Industrial gas cleaning
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Website:

Ecosystems is a small and growing company operating in chemical process technology.

We were looking for a technical sales engineer and came in contact with BNS online.

Looking at their website we found that they have a lot of experience with recruiting sales staff.

They contacted quickly and switched directly to the 1e conversation. Their way of recruiting and selecting

seemed very efficient to us.

We were immediately presented with the right and enough candidates. Communication was friendly and smooth.

Their entire selection process was also smooth, fast and efficient.

For each candidate we received the CV and the selection report with a score.

We have now taken technical sales through BNS.

BNS is a great agency, too bad they only recruit in sales.

Chaila Raskeyn - Sales Manager


Hoshman Azez - Technical Sales Engineer