Live Recruitment Webinar

A revolutionary recruitment method to bring supply and demand together.
Perfect for organizations that want more applications from highly qualified sales talents.

Live Recruitment Webinar activates the sales talents who are currently not actively looking but are open to a new employer.

Your company - live and authentic

The Live Recruitment Webinar is an online broadcast in which a company presents itself to a specific target group on the labor market.

Brand New Sales interviewed key persons of the company. All relevant topics are covered. Origin, mission, vision, (commercial) strategy, market proposition, USPs, sales process, culture, tasks and responsibilities, development and career opportunities. The participants get an authentic and realistic picture of the company and what it's like to work there.

The participants are also actively involved in the broadcast and can ask questions to the speakers or give their opinion via polls and the chat function.

The Live Recruitment Webinar is included and can be repeated on-demand campaigning to get the most out of the recruitment campaign.

Faster and better results

With concrete information and a clear picture of what the vacancy entails in daily practice, the awareness of sales talents is stimulated. That actually triggers that candidates who identify with the story.

The positive effects:

  • More and better suited applicants.
  • Less time-consuming interviews.
  • Shorter recruitment processes
  • Higher fulfillment ratio.

The power of the Live Recruitment Webinar

  • Sales talents get better insight into the company and the job in less time than from vacancy texts and work-by-videos
  • Involvement is measured in all phases of the process and this makes recruitment campaigns more effective.
  • This unique recruitment method fits perfectly with the Millennial and Generation Z target group.
  • Candidate registrations remain available the following months.

Implementation from A to the desired result

  • Brand New Sales takes care of the entire process. Professional, fast and focused. Everything is arranged within three weeks and the live broadcast can start.
  • After a thorough inventory, Brand New Sales develops targeted online and offline marketing campaigns to attract the right audience.
  • Brand New Sales arranges all technical and substantive aspects for the broadcast from a professional studio.

Example Live Recruitment Webinar

Watch in this on-demand video from the Live Recruitment Webinar.

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