Live recruitment webinar e-wise recruitment account managers
Live recruitment webinar e-wise recruitment account managers

Brand New Sales launches webinars for recruitment

Sales recruitment agency Brand New Sales launches a groundbreaking method for recruiting sales professionals. With Live Recruitment Webinars, the results of the recruitment process for employers and job seekers become faster and better.

"On the one hand, companies have to put a lot more effort into recruiting employees," explains Balabrega. 'The process is now actually reversed compared to a few years ago: then, in a manner of speaking, candidates were queuing up to apply. But if employers nowadays want to attract good people, they have to apply to employees with a clear and realistic presentation. "

On the other hand kadd to it candidates also make the necessary changes, states Balabrega. 'She quickly make the decision to switch to another employer, but they hit once in a while the first asked questions over. With which type of organization and in which culture are you cominge to become flowering? Which sales processes are best for youw personality and qualities? Bcollect a few months they get there behind them in their new job insufficiently come into their own. Which can for all parties better. '

More suitable candidates

Brand New Sales is launching a new recruitment method for employers and employees in October groundbreaking solution for the current situation. 'Companies receive more and better suitable candidates from the group of latent job seekers. With fewer interviews and shorter recruitment processes, they achieve higher results fulfillment ratio. In short, the employer brand becomes much stronger. "

Interviews with key persons

Brand New Sales goes live webinars committed to the recruitment of sales professionals. Balabrega explains how employers have a stage with this method to present themselves to a specific target group. 'That can be done in one, two or three broadcasts from 30 to 40 minutes. We interview key people from the organization about mission and vision. (Commercial) strategy, market proposition and USPs are also discussed. We are also talking about sales processes and culture. Finally, it is about specific characteristics of a job, such as tasks and responsibilities, and development and career opportunities. Participants can follow the broadcast via PC, mobile phone or tablet without special software. The live webinars be included and can be repeated on a campaign basis. "

Strong motivation

Recruitment webinars have clear benefits for employers, says Balabrega. 'We approach candidates from our own database and through campaigns on social media. These participants have a strong motivation - after all, it may be about their new job - and will therefore follow the professional broadcast from a TV studio or business location with great attention. Research shows that a viewing time of 55 minutes is achievable if the subject is really appealing to the public. Participants do not only have to watch, they can participate interactively via chat, polls or a call to action. Numbers of participants and viewing time are measurable, so that companies know exactly and quickly what works and what doesn't. If employers are interested, we can post them online within two weeks. "

Innovative and modern

After the live broadcast, the program can also be used in subsequent online campaigns on, among other things, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. The email addresses for the registration are also useful and usable for later campaigns.

'This one webinars are an effective solution for companies that are struggling to attract sales professionals. With the deployment of webinars will it be greater selection of candidates and better, it works faster and sets the employer brand of the company innovative and modern in the market, "concludes Balabrega. "That's a profit for all parties."

More information: https://brandnewsales.nl/live-recruitment-webinar/