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Sales (Recruitment) is a profession

The 12 year I have lived and worked in Australia has taught me a lot about Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Management. Especially the role and mutual relationship of people, processes and technologies I continue to find fascinating. Sales is a profession, I am convinced. But why one seller is more successful than another goes beyond a smooth chat, sales tricks or product knowledge. Many factors influence this and that makes it recruiting and selecting sales people so challenging.

When I gave myself the title Sales Recruitment Consultant in 2006, I wanted to make a valuable contribution to the quality, fun and success of the sales staff. In my conviction that starts with the right match between seller and employer / work environment. Only then can a salesman excel and that is profit for the company.

Customers at Brand New Sales always have the certainty that the match has been created with great care and the Sales Account Manager can immediately take part in the sales process. For example, growth ambitions are not just ambitions, but are converted into concrete results for our customers.

What do we stand for

We continue to innovate our recruitment so that our customers can continue to grow.

What are we going for

Being recognized by the market as a Sales Recruitment Specialist and trusted advisor

Our promises

At every moment of contact with the sales professionals and clients we ensure the good feeling and the intended result.

What is 'NEW' about Brand New Sales?

What is New to Brand New Sales

People have been informed better and faster by the internet than ever before and have become more assertive and critical. The 'power' that the seller had now lies with the buyer. Own gains, quick results and / or superficial argumentation are sales balloons that are punctured faster. Today's sales are aware - or should be - that commitment to the company is the key to successful business. Brand New Sales sees a contribution to awareness of these developments as a logical part of our advice to Sales professionals and employers.

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