This is Brand New Sales

Established Sales Recruitment agency Inseven in 2006. From the beginning it has been our mission to make a valuable contribution to the quality, job satisfaction and success of the Sales Professionals. We are convinced that this starts with a good match between candidate and employer. Only then can both excel and that is profit for everyone.

This philosophy is also the core of Brand New Sales. For that reason, our customers (the candidates and clients) always have the certainty that the match will come about with great care. The Sales Professional can directly participate in the sales process. In this way, growth ambitions not only remain ambitions, but are converted into concrete results.

- Arthur Balabrega, founder of Brand New Sales

Meet the team

Photo Maarten Borgmeijer

Maarten Borgmeijer

Recruitment Consultant
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Arthur Balabrega

Managing Consultant
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Monique Brehm

Management assistant
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Peter de Groot

Peter de Goot

Recruiter / Search specialist
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What do we stand for

We continue to innovate our recruitment so that our customers have access to the best sales professionals in their market and can continue to grow.

What are we going for

To be recognized by the market as a Sales Recruitment Specialist who supplies / span> highly qualified sales talents, professionals and leaders

Our promises

At every moment of contact with the sales professionals and clients we ensure the good feeling and the intended result.

Our services

Recruitment and Selection of Sales Professionals
Executive Search of Sales leaders
Sales & Sales Recruitment Consultancy
Personal Profile Analysis (DISC)
Inbound Recruitment (Jobcast, Poscast, Visual)

What is 'NEW' about Brand New Sales?

Thanks to the internet, people have been better and faster informed than ever, and therefore have become more articulate and critical. The 'power' of knowledge that the seller had now lies with the buyer. Own profit, fast results and / or superficial argumentation are sales balloons that are punctured faster. Today's sales are aware - or should be - that commitment to the company is the key to successful business.

Free recruitment advice?

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