Podcast vacancy

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A perfect tool to draw attention to highly qualified sales talents with a personal and authentic story.

Your company and the sales vacancy

Told in all colors

In the podcast, key people tell about your company in an interview. Because almost nothing works better than hearing the story directly from the mouth of the director or sales manager. In thirty minutes, all relevant topics are discussed, such as strategy, sales culture and development and career opportunities. As a listener you get an authentic and realistic view of the company and what it is like to work there. The impact is much more direct than with a static vacancy text.

The power of the Podcast vacancy

  • With a Podcast you tell the story behind the vacancy and the company and it is much more personal and intimate than a vacancy text or working-at-video.
  • Sales talents gain better insight into the company and the position.
  • Listen when it suits you.
  • Podcasts have a high attention span and are at least 90 percent listened to to the end (iTunes Analytics)

Faster and better results

The podcast is recorded with professional recording equipment and edited to full-fledged broadcast. The recording is placed on various podcast channels (Soundcloud and Spotify among others). The podcast is promoted to your target group through campaigns on social media. This way we get the most out of the recruitment budget.

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