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People's buying behavior has changed at breakneck speed.

There are opportunities for companies that respond adequately to this. But how do you optimally coordinate marketing and sales so that you maintain and increase the lead over your competitors? That is exactly where Brand New Sales can help.

With our international knowledge and experience of Sales and Marketing, Brand New Sales is your ideal sparring partner.

Brand New Sales helps organizations that want to innovate and grow. With the right people, processes and technologies

Our role

We help develop a strategy that optimally aligns people, applications and processes with how and why customers buy. Working together on commercial success.

Our driving force

That Sales Professionals and customers enjoy doing business and are successful, creating a profitable long-term relationship.

Questions from companies that we help:

  • Our target group now buys differently. This requires a different approach, but which one?
  • Which sales method is the most effective and best suited to us and our customers?
  • How do we get the most out of our sales efforts?
  • New technologies offer new opportunities. Which tools are available and what fits best with our company?
  • How do we implement new tools and does this require organizational changes?
  • Which things can we outsource better and what can we do ourselves?

From Hard Selling to Smart Selling

How can companies organize their organization and processes on how customers want to buy? In many cases, that means transforming from Hard Selling to Smart Selling.

  • Exchange cold acquisition and canvases for inbound marketing and social selling.
  • From mass email marketing and advertising to the targeted provision of valuable content for your target group.
  • Not telling what you can do, but what you solve.
  • More effective and efficient sales organization: from field sales to hybrid or telesales, supported by the best technologies.
  • Automation of your sales and marketing processes.
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