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Trust in a desk with 13 years of experience

Sales Headhunting is a profession that is practiced by Brand New Sales with great care and passion. Clients have been benefiting from this for 13 years unique headhunting method giving them access to the best Senior Sales Professionals, Sales Manager and Directors.

Brand New Sales delivers a botten line better return on investment then any other recruitment and selection method.

You will notice what it is like to work with us just by having a conversation with us. You will immediately experience that the assigned recruitment consultant wants to contribute to jullie commercial success.

We supply highly qualified Key Account Managers, Global Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Directors from a large network

Headhunting of Sales Professionals, our approach

With our proven headhunting method Success is assured. We thoroughly tackle the entire recruitment and selection process and leave nothing to chance. Our goal is to introduce the right candidates and to keep time-consuming job interviews to a minimum. The candidates that we introduce have a proven track record, good references and are well informed about the company and the position for which they are interviewing.

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Dear Sales Professionals headhunting? This is how we do it!

  • Our experienced headhunters focus exclusively on commercial functions in the business market
  • Deliver A players from one strong and active network that was built up in 13 year
  • Work exclusively with experienced Recruitment Consultants. They come from sales, speak the language, have a passion for the profession and are very strong well-trained Sales headhunters
  • Our headhunters make use of innovative recruitment methodologies and recruitment software
  • 100% commitment and complete unburdening during the entire recruitment and selection process
  • In-depth market knowledge and experience in many industries

KPIs by Headhunting

of the exclusive assignments will be filled in within 2 months
of the vacancies, the nominated candidate is filled with the 1e or 2e.
of the sales professionals placed at least 1 years in service
24 continues to be employed for months by the sales professionals

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