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Is your business expanding to Europe and are you setting up HQ in Amsterdam, or opening a branch office there? You have found a reliable and result orientated sales recruitment agency to help you from the get-go.

We have over 13 years of experience in Sales Recruitment and can give access to the best sales professionals and leaders for your organization.

From a large network, we carefully select the best Business Developers, Account Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Directors available for your organization.

So, why choose Brand New Sales?

  • As the market leader in sales recruitment, we commit to achieve your growth goals faster.
  • we have in-depth market knowledge and extensive experience in many industries like Telecom, Saas, Tech, Fitech, Distri and IT.
  • We are passionate and committed to the best outcomes for our clients. Our experienced Recruitment Consultants know sales, talk sales and can read sales DNA.
  • We are an active member and co-founder of United Sales Recruiters. Therefor, instantly expanding your network.
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How we deliver

With our proven recruitment and selection method, we ensure success. We take a thorough approach to the entire recruitment and selection process and leave nothing to chance. We aim to introduce the best sales people quickly for your organization that matches the job profile, company culture and team.

The sales candidates we introduce have a proven track record, good references, and know exactly what they are interviewing for. We do not waste your time.

How you benefit

The time, energy and commitment that we give each recruitment assignment will ultimately lead to significant savings. The ultimate match ensures that the sales candidate is more successful and stays longer with the organization.

Key Performance Indicators

93% of the exclusive assignments filled within 2 months
of the vacancies filled with the 1st or 2nd nominated candidate.
95% of the candidates Placed stay employed for at least one year
of the placed sales professionals remain employed for 24 months or longer.

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