Young man signs employment contract

9 tips to make Sales Professionals a successful offer

Not every entrepreneur is a born sales recruiter, but assuming the right sales people is essential to make your business a success.
Attracting and receiving good candidates is only part of the challenge, you also have to bring them in. If you have succeeded in making an offer from a number of good applicants an offer eventually you are on the goal line and you do not want to miss out!

We give nine tips for successfully offering a sales job to a sales professional.

1. Do not base the offer on the current salary

When you make an offer to the candidate, realize that you do not compete with the current employer of the candidate but with the market. The candidate has already decided to leave his / her employer.
Although an increase of 10-15% is usually sufficient for the candidate to sign, it is important that you are aware of the current market value for such a candidate. Be advised by your Recruitment Partner, Glassdoor or network and do a realistic offer.

2. Do it personally

Would you ever email an important proposal to a potential customer and leave it at that? Of course not. You want to be able to guide them through them and answer any questions you may have. Use the same philosophy when concluding an employment contract with a potential employee. Make an appointment to personally go through the offer and if that is not possible, make sure that it can be discussed by telephone. Do not trust that the document speaks for you and pulls the candidate over.

3. Do it quickly

As soon as you know that you have found the right person for the job, quick action is desirable (preferably within 48 hours). The longer you wait, the more time you give to other companies to make a competitive offer. The chance to win the candidate is significantly reduced. Anticipate in advance for any approvals required to make an offer. This also prevents frustration for the candidate.

4. Do it yourself

It can sometimes be useful to have an HR employee or external recruitment partner make the offer. However, the offer will be accepted earlier if the vacancy holder, to which the employee reports, offers it. This is also a great opportunity to build up a relationship of trust that is necessary for a good working relationship in the long term. In addition, the Sales Manager can also answer all last-minute questions from the candidate about targets, objectives, the bonus plan and expectations.

5. Do it with enthusiasm

Accepting the job at your company is a far-reaching decision for the candidate, so it shows that it is just as important for you. Make sure that you do not come across as an accountant presenting a spreadsheet, but as the entrepreneur who offers the candidate a life-changing opportunity. Make sure it is felt.

6. Sketch the bigger picture

Do not focus on your salary and bonus plan during your presentation, but above all on the company's objectives, culture, leadership and growth potential. In short, the issues that the candidate will benefit from in the short and long term are highlighted.

7. Prepare the candidate for a counter-offer

Good sales professionals usually have a job and their current employer does not want them to leave the organization, so they are often encouraged to reconsider their departure with a financial incentive.
You do not want to start a bidding war with the current employer of the candidate. Prepare your upcoming sales talent for the likelihood of a counter offer. Understand thereby for the emotional struggle of leaving behind their employer, colleagues and customers. Let the candidate commit to you.

8. Keep in touch

The deal is only closed on the day that the sales professional starts the first business day. By maintaining contact after the employment contract has been signed, you ensure that the diversion is minimized.

9. Set a deadline

Two days should be enough, but never offer more than five days. Extend the deadline possibly but only do this once. As soon as the deadline has expired, you continue. If the candidate has not yet accepted, there is probably not enough interest.