IIR sells high-quality knowledge

International Institute of Research (IIR) organizes training courses and conferences for business professionals. Ermelinda Vermeulen is the Managing Director and explains how this company is at the forefront of knowledge development and the power of networks.

  • Focus on quality and innovation
  • Enterprising culture
  • Consultative selling

"We live with what we offer outside in other organizations, so we have to make sure that we are always one step ahead of others. We don't have to offer everything that is Googleable. If you are looking for that, just sit on your couch at home with your ipad, "says Managing Director Vermeulen. "IIR helps business professionals further in their careers with high-quality, directly applicable content and by bringing decision makers together to further strengthen their knowledge and skills."

Practically oriented

IIR develops the conferences and training courses on its own initiative. Research is therefore crucial, Vermeulen explains. 'Our product developers are constantly working to find out what our target group is concerned about and where organizations should take action. To mention a recent example: the AVG, the law for the protection of privacy. The government sets requirements for the storage of data and that raises many questions for organizations and employees. How do you get started and what does that mean in my job? Our programs offer need-to-know information that our customers can use immediately in practice. To remain at the forefront in the future, we also have an advisory board. This includes experts and scientists from the sector who help us to track new developments and set up programs. "

Own engine

Entrepreneurship is a high priority in the culture of IIR, according to Vermeulen. "To succeed here, it's important to see opportunities for connecting people and networks. Then it won't work if you keep waiting for instructions, so we are looking for people with their own engine. Sincere interest in the industry, for example by actively following the news and coming up with plans themselves, is important. In my view, you only function well if you are happy with the content of your job and within the culture of the employer. "

Insight into drivers

'If we are looking for new employees, we will not bet on one horse. Our own network is an important source, but we also use Linkedin and intermediary agencies, among others. If we all spoke to the available candidates, it would cost us an unnecessary amount of time. I'd much rather have one good candidate immediately, "says Vermeulen.

'Brand New Sales has already supplied us with several sales people, they understand who we are and at the same time they know the candidates well. Brand New Sales understands what drives people and in this way guides suitable people to the best places, so that all parties are better at it. '

Personal growth

The sale of education and training from IIR mainly takes place over the telephone, but there is no hard sales, says Vermeulen. 'If people do not want to register, we will not push them. Our employees must listen carefully to find out the question behind the question. People do not necessarily want to follow a course, but want to achieve other goals, such as promotion or personal growth. With their answers we can respond with good training advice to help professionals achieve their goals. Quality and customization are central, because it can be a considerable investment in expensive working hours. "

Attractive place

Partnerships are another source of income for IIR, Vermeulen explains. 'Our project developers and a marketer make a plan together to reach professionals and to attract them to conferences with specific topics within a certain niche. Offering quality is also essential here: we regard a seven as an assessment as a courtesy figure, we must achieve at least an eight, ”she says.

'At our conferences many people with the same interests come from one sector and that is why it is also an attractive place for other companies to be present. Through our partnership managers we offer these companies various options to present themselves to our participants. By bringing the right people together we strengthen the power of the network. "

IIR in short:

IIR is an independent knowledge and network organization that provides business information through specific conferences and training courses that lead to solutions and development of people and organizations. The company has more than thirty years of experience in the Netherlands and is based in Amsterdam. 35 people work there. IIR is an officially recognized training institution.

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