Young Sales Professional

Kasper considers applying mainly to 'hassle'

'I've had a good time in this job for a couple of years now. A good salary, a good deal of responsibility and pleasant colleagues. So I don't feel an acute urge to switch, but it still sometimes tickles. I would like to look further into another company with more responsibility. Just resigning goes a step too far for me, I don't want to give up everything I have now before I have anything better. Via LinkedIn or telephone I am regularly approached by head hunters. They keep their story but I am not really excited about it. They all look so similar! How should I choose? More on the management side or new business, or even further in relationship management. As far as I'm concerned, it can still go in several directions.

Long process

Looking for another job and actively applying? I have sometimes searched online job boards for 'sales person' or 'sales manager'. That produced thousands of results and those jobs and companies are all similar. You know: good working conditions, pleasant culture, vrijmibo bla, bla, bla. And suppose that I am going to apply, then it becomes pretty complicated. Such a process can easily take a few weeks. And if you have several applications running simultaneously, you will not receive an offer from all parties at the same time. In addition, the conversations are often in the middle of the day and not when it suits me. My excuses for my current employer to get away for a few hours will be gone at some point. And it is not nice either, to hear and tell the same story with different employers in several rounds. Another job will come, but in a simpler way than how it is now. "