Live recruitment Webinar for recruitment account managers
Live recruitment Webinar for recruitment account managers

Nice scoop: a webinar for a vacancy. But what does it deliver?

New in the 'ways to make a vacancy known' category: the webinar. Logical too; why should you not be able to tell more about the job live and online? But what does that deliver in practice?

Written by Peter Boerman On 07 November 2019 from Yard&

Original article can be read here:https://www.werf-en.nl/als-je-een-vacature-hebt-waarom-zou-je-dan-geen-webinar-houden/

Director room live recruitment webinar
Director room live recruitment webinar

Twelve applicants. Short-term. From a very scarce teacher target group. And a number that is probably increasing somewhat. That was the proceeds from the first 'Live Recruitment Webinar ' ever in the Netherlands, which was held at the end of October.

Twelve applicants. Short-term. From a very scarce target group.

Organizer Arthur Balabrega was in any case very satisfied with it. From his organization Brand New Sales he recently launched the idea on the market. And E-Wise, online in-service training of teachers, was the first to pick up and put the idea into practice. The 'Netflix of in-service training' was looking for account managers, and tried to attract more candidates through this innovative way, while telling more about themselves.

Actually very logical

A webinar is actually a very logical way of recruiting staff, says Balabrega. Because why would you not be able to give candidates the opportunity to find out more about an employer in this accessible way? In the online broadcasts that his sales recruitment agency provides, he allows clients to present themselves to a specific target group of job seekers. For example, it should become easier for employers to hire better-suited people quickly.

"The participants get an authentic and realistic picture of what it is like to work somewhere in an hour."

In the Live Recruitment Webinar, Balabrega interviews key people of the organization. "All relevant topics are covered," he says. 'The origin of the organization, the mission, vision, strategy, USPs, culture, tasks and responsibilities, development and career opportunities. The participants get an authentic and realistic picture of the company and what it is like to work there in an hour. '

Recruiting Live Recruitment Webinar account managers
Live Recruitment Webinar for account manager recruitment

You can also ask questions

The participants - potential applicants - also have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers or give their opinion via polls and the chat function in the webinar. According to Balabrega, there are many advantages to this method for companies and job seekers. 'This way employers get more and better suitable candidates. Moreover, with less time-consuming interviews, recruitment processes become shorter and increase fulfillment ratio. '

"The webinars make it much clearer whether the organization really suits a candidate."

Candidates also benefit from the webinars, he says. 'Many job vacancies stay on the plain and work-by-videos are usually purely promotion. In our webinars, candidates can have direct online contact with directors and managers, which significantly improves their understanding of the company. The webinars make it much clearer whether the organization really suits them. "

Targeted campaigns

And that in no time, says the initiator. "A complete recruitment process is arranged within three weeks and the live broadcast can start." According to him, the Live Recruitment Webinar activates the (sales) talents who are not currently actively looking for, but who are open to a step towards a new employer. 'With concrete information and a clear picture of what the vacancy entails in daily practice, we stimulate the awareness of talents. Which triggers it is precisely those candidates who identify with the story. "

Of the 50 registrants, 1 therefore decided to apply for the 4.

According to Balabrega, this method 'fits in perfectly with the millennial and Generation Z target group '. In front of the very first webinar for E-wise, 2 was first campaigned on Facebook and Instagram. That campaign reached about 1.600 people, more than 10 percent of whom registered. In the end, more than 50 candidates watched the broadcast live, from whom 47 continued to watch until the end. And of them 1 therefore decided to apply for the 4.

Candidate-driven market

Balabegra already organized 'exclusive recruitment and selection events' in 2007, where he brought supply and demand together. At a prime location, preselected candidates would then talk to the potential employer for a day and a half (including overnight stay). 'That in-depth mutual acquaintance reduced the course from 35 to 10%. At the time, this was the answer to a candidate-driven market. "

"The current labor market and the technological possibilities brought me to this idea."

And "the current developments in the labor market, in combination with the technological possibilities, brought me to this idea," he says. To reach the right target group, campaigns are first developed on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. 'There we make a selection based on specific characteristics for the organization of our customers. The advertisements that are subsequently displayed in the Feeds and Stories lead to the landing page where candidates can register for the webinars. '

For a commercial role

The campaign for E-wise focused on teachers and teachers from primary and secondary education who want to take a step outside education in a commercial role. The live viewers of the webinar watched 30 minutes on average on 51 October on-demand viewers thereafter so far just over 23 minutes.

The live viewers to the webinar watched 51 minutes on average.

And most importantly: it also delivers results, Balabegra emphasizes. 'Up to now 12 applications. And we expect that this will increase somewhat, given the rather traditional target group, which is still used to writing an application letter. "