Nienke HR manager

Recruiter Nienke wants more and better response to sales vacancies

'It is very difficult now to find good sales professionals. The market has turned around compared to a few years ago. Then we placed a vacancy on an online job bank, in a newspaper or trade magazine and then we often received dozens of responses from good candidates. But nowadays the response is a lot lower, while the quality of the applicants is also less. At the first round many people drop out because they have not read the vacancy text well enough and it is different from what they expected. Then they respond to a vacancy for new business development with us and they only have experience with customer management as an account manager.

To avoid these unnecessary obstacles, we regularly call on an agency to find new people. That works, but their offer is not large and also irregular. This makes recruitment a time-consuming process. There are of course limits to our budget, we can cost-per-hire don't let it rise too high. "

Nienke is not the only one with problems with sourcing new staff. Research shows that the pressure is greatest in IT / automation, Engineering and Consultancy / Sales. More than half of the companies have difficulty recruiting employees in these fields. Yet more than half of all workers are actively (12%) or latent (46%) looking for a new job. The question therefore is how employers can reach this large group of job seekers and convince them with the good image of both the organization and their future role. "In the ideal situation, candidates themselves make a good estimate of the match before they respond."