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Collaborating with Brand New Sales can be done in different ways, because Sales Recruitment is custom-made in our view.
These are the three most chosen Sales Recruitment forms.

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Sales Recruitment

You can count on solid services where the intended result is central: quickly bring the sales team to strength with the best sales professional (s) or management. By deploying experienced Sales Recruiters, innovative recruitment methods and network, we quickly introduce qualified sales candidates. In this tightly organized recruitment process, we leave nothing to chance.

Brand New Sales as a Recruitment Partner has no risk. We work on a no-cure-no-pay basis and we offer a replacement guarantee as standard.

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Sales Recruitment

Quick conversation with highly qualified Sales Professionals or Commercial Managers? We get everything out of the closet to fill your sales vacancy (s) within the agreed time. Regardless of the recruitment capacity that it costs us. We guarantee that.

In addition to our Network search and Headhunting, where we approach targeted candidates in a professional and discreet manner, we are fully committed to Job Marketing. The vacancy is posted on our well-attended homepage and a dedicated landing page. This landing page can be further enriched with a Vacancy Video for extra experience and / or a Job Marketing package to get the attention of latent job seekers and to promote the Employer Brand of your organization.

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Opportunity Network

Brand New Sales always strives to offer every talented Sales Professional or Sales Manager the best match. However, this is not always possible with our regular clients.

We then look further at the member companies in the Opportunity Network.

Participation in the Opportunity Network is free of charge. And because there are no mutual expectations / obligations, we can apply adjusted conditions such as a lower brokerage fee and payment after the trial period has expired.

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High-quality services, competitive rates

Sales Recruitment Plus

We have a suitable solution for every search query.

Video Vacancy Marketing
A vacancy or working with video to trigger potential candidates by giving extra experience to the vacancy. We do not know how to do that.
Job Marketing 3.0
This online Recruitment campaign ensures maximum exposure among job seekers. We create a stronger Employer Brand for our client among the target group. All click-through countries softly land on a media rich landing page that ensures maximum conversion: good applicants!
Recruitment Events
Instead of individual processes, a recruitment event brings the organization and account managers together in a short, intensive and in-depth application process.
Sales Secondment
An intensive program in which starting sales talent is supervised professionally with the aim of giving them a guaranteed flying start and achieving a fast ROI.
Testing and Assesments
Our Recruitment Consultants are DISC accredited assessors and can quickly provide insight into the behavior and the strengths and weaknesses of the sales and account manager. We also offer complete assessments.
Coaching & Training
Developing the effectiveness, competences and confidence in order to improve the result of the salesperson.

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