30% more sales and margin?

Recruit better qualified sales and account managers

Sales and Account managers are the engine of your company. They bring new customers and ensure that existing ones render to the maximum. Building a well-functioning sales team and maintaining it is pure profit for the company.

You want to grow and seek reinforcement, but only with the best qualified Sales Executives and Account managers that match the corporate culture and type of sales process. Hiring the right sales professionals can result in 30% more turn-over and margin.

What if you have a good insight of the dynamics of your sales team and the needs of your company in the future, so you know how to anticipate. That you can rely on a specialized sales recruitment agency that carefully screens candidates and builds a strong network of sales talents, professionals and managers that can be delivered quickly. That is exactly what we can help you with.

Brand New Sales mediates more than 12 years in commercial functions, from starting sales talent to heavy sales professionals and commercial Management

How we work

As soon as we accept the recruitment assignment, we give 100% commitment to find great candidates quickly. We go that little bit further than others recruitment agencies to get the job done When analyzing the customer’s needs, we are not only interested in the ins and outs of the required sales person, but also in the mission and vision of the organization, their objectives, culture and leadership style. We translate the obtained information into a tight recruitment and selection plan. Our innovative and proven recruitment and selection method quickly brings us into contact with the right sales people. For them, we find it especially important that they see growth and development opportunities for themselves in combination with the interests and needs of their new employer. We look for the mutual interest and therefore see both our candidates and organizations as customers and partners.

Sales professionals wait for job interview
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How do our customers benefit?

The time and energy that we put into a good preparation will lead to considerable savings and better ROI. Both candidates and companies know what they can expect from us and Brand New Sales is capable of fulfilling those expectations in the form of a good match.

Our sales recruitment services reach beyond just selecting and placing sales people. We have a suitable solution for every search query. We strive for a long-term relationship with our customers, for a successful sales team to function optimally and especially to keep it that way in the future.

Key Performance Indicators

of the exclusive assignments will be filled in within 1 month
the non-exclusive assignments will be filled in within 1 month
of the sales professionals placed at least 1 years in service
24 continues to be employed for months by the sales professionals

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