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A players for a super low rate

Brand New Sales strives to offer every qualified candidate the best match. At the same time, we want to get the most out of our recruitment effort so that we can keep the costs for our clients as low as possible. The Brand New Sales Opportunity Network makes this possible.

As a specialized Sales Recruitment Agency, we are in constant contact with the market and regularly speak with talented Sales and Account managers. Not everyone can match our regular clients. We then check whether there is a match with vacancies from the affiliated companies in the Opportunity Network. Because the effort has largely been made, we can offer the candidate at a lower rate.

Only the best sales candidates

The candidates are introduced through the CV and scorecard. In the scorecard the sales experience, sales skills, behavioral style (DISC profile) and the Sales DNA of the candidate are described. We also substantiate the match.
The candidates we introduce are:

  • always interviewed personally and with a critical eye tested by an experienced Recruitment Consultant;
  • guaranteed a high match with the organization because we make a thorough inventory of the organization, (sales) culture and the profile;
  • intrinsically motivated and well-informed.

There is explicitly no question of a delivery guarantee. It is possible that we propose 3 candidates in one month or 3 candidates in a year. We can guarantee that they are good candidates. In this way, the collaboration remains low-threshold, without risk and mutual obligations. We call this Smart Recruitment.

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  • By default we do a thorough analysis of the organization and the sales profile.
  • Placement of the company logo on our frequently visited website.
  • Free Social Media post with a range of 10-thousands of Sales Professionals.
  • Free vacancy on the Job Board of Brand New Sales.

The conditions

These are also uncomplicated. The collaboration is based on no-cure-no-pay. Our mediation fee of only 15% of the gross annual salary including holiday pay we will only invoice if an employment contract with the proposed candidate is entered into. The invoicing only takes place after the probation period has expired.

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