Visual Vacancy

Film camera

You directly address the target group with images and sound. This way you get more and better applications.

Your company and the sales vacancy visualized in all colors. The visual vacancy is a dedicated landing page with photos, videos, promotional texts and interviews with key persons. Candidates get a picture of your company, the working environment, projects and colleagues in a short time. The big advantage is that good use of image and sound appeals more to the right people. This will increase the conversion - so more better applications.

The power of a visual vacancy

  • A visual vacancy appeals to the imagination much more than a flat vacancy text.
  • Image and sound with stories from key figures from the organization give the story a personal touch.
  • Sales talents get a better picture of the company and the function in a short time.
  • More insight into the company means that fewer unsuitable applications are received.

Faster and better results

Brand New Sales takes care of the complete production of visual vacancies. The video will be posted on a job landing page and supplemented with other content. This provides candidates with direct insight into the terms of employment and the layout of the daily work.

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